Posted by: Alton Rocker | April 1, 2011

Financial Stability = Relationship Stability

I really blew it this month. I blew my budget. I went out to eat way too much. I went on a great weekend trip with my wife. And I still have one week left in this month. I don’t regret one dollar spent but I do feel guilty for breaking the rule. The rule is: we can do what ever we want…as long as we budget for it.

We got married in October and we want a house. We want one bad. The question we, and many other newlyweds, are asking ourselves is: Can we afford a house, in a safe neighborhood, close to work?

When we started to add up closing costs, mortgage insurance, property taxes, school taxes, home repairs, furnishings, yard care, interest, etc… we had to ask some big questions about what is best for our marriage.

Everyone will tell you that ‘financial issues’ often play a big role in divorce and can magnify other problems. We could probably qualify for the loan but we’d have to cut back. Going out too much or a spur of the moment weekend road trip may lead to using the credit cards. For the sake of our marriage, I’d rather just budget in a bigger apartment at this time.

It is incumbent on you to do what you can to guard your marriage. Financial disasters do happen but skipping that exotic vacation you ‘desperately’ need or choosing a used car over a new one may make it a little less disastrous. Don’t buy into thinking you need more than you do or you may end up introducing unneeded conflict into your marriage.  Below is a great drama about a couple dealing with the stark reality of some poor financial decisions.



  1. Great point! We shouldn’t assume that committing to a mortgage brings stability to a marriage!

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