Posted by: Alton Rocker | April 8, 2011

Job Loss: A Marriage Killer

During this era of double digit unemployment, marriages can be and have been adversely affected. With the stress, loss of income, damage to self-esteem and worry that goes with any job loss a marriage is susceptible to the strain. During this transition, individuals experience fear, doubt, and wonder about the expectations of their spouse.  It has long been true that money problems are the root of more marital strife then infidelity.

Whether it’s him or her that loses the job it is imperative that the other be supportive. At this time the person experiencing the job loss may undergo a level of depression that can be debilitating. The need for encouragement and affirmation is so important.  Inspiration from their spouse could be the catalyst to help them bounce back quickly. 

During this time the person who still has a job needs to be careful how they communicate their own thoughts, fears and concerns. Give some thought to what you want to say and how you say it. You may even want to say them aloud to yourself to see how your words sound and consider how the other person might respond. This process can be helpful to avoid conflict.  

Although it is a hard thing to accomplish during this time, patience is a powerful spiritual gift to rely on. Be in prayer and ask God how to be an encourager and comforter.  Finding that new job can be a lengthy process, be patient, be determined, and be positive.  God is faithful.  Below is a clip from a session with Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg on conflict resolution.


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