Posted by: Alton Rocker | May 6, 2011

Marriage & the Military

We received this comment on 4/25 about our premarital counseling M101 Online Course as seen in The Knot Magazine Online.

“My fiancé and I began our premarital counseling sessions right away, and like a good book we couldn’t put it down. The lessons are very informative, encouraging and have helped us to grow as a couple. We talked a lot about the information in the lessons, like our roles and supporting each other’s differences and received a ton of things to think about and discuss further. We have enjoyed the lessons and spent countless hours discussing them. The discussions lead to other discussions and new goals for our upcoming marriage. Thank you so much for allowing us to go through this program. I especially want to thank all involved in Grace Products that made it possible for my fiancé in MN and I deployed in Afghanistan to be able to go through this together while not being in the same place. This has been an amazing opportunity for us. I shared this information with a couple of my co-workers here and they are looking into this program to help strengthen their marriage bonds while being deployed. My mother even asked me what the program consisted of and is now considering the program for my father and her to help reconnect and recharge their 33 year marriage… “

Many of us have friends and family serving in our military out of state or overseas.  If they are married or planning to get married, the Marriage 101 Online Course makes an awesome gift.  It really shows them you care about the long-term health of their marriage.

Also, if you’re currently active in the military, call us to see how you can earn $ by providing your colleagues with quality, affordable, online premarital counseling and relationship coaching.


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