Posted by: Alton Rocker | May 25, 2011

Give us your opinion.

A few weeks ago one of our staff, Monte Strother,  posted an article on showing appreciation to your spouse.  We think our friends may have some opinions on what works best.  Give us your thoughts. What do you feel is the best way to show appreciation to your spouse?

1.  A hand written letter.

2.  A romantic dinner

3.  Cleaning the house

4.  A couples massage

5.  Other: What works for you?

You may have tried some things that went over well and some others that didn’t.  Take some time and tell us your story.  We know that learning great communication skills early in marriage can be priceless over the years.  Have your skills improved over the years or are you getting a little rusty?  I’ve included a clip that I think expresses the frustration that can come for a lack of appreciation. 

Thanks for your participation,

Alton Rocker, Operations Manager, Marriage 101 – Back to the Basics.


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