Posted by: Cathy Bowers | November 25, 2015

Married for Life…So Far

My husband and I were cleaning out the garage the other day preparing for a big move. I found a box labeled “Pictures 1988” which contained some of our wedding pictures and other events. I made the comment to my husband, “Wow, look how young and cute we were.” My husband replied, “Well, at least I can still tell it’s you.” I laughed. He didn’t mean it the way it sounded because he doesn’t look ANYTHING like the guy I married. Well, both of us have done a lot of changing in the last 28 years and not just in our appearance. Our personalities, our likes and dislikes, our weight, our hair (or the lack thereof) have all changed. So how did we get from 1988 to today and hopefully beyond? Well, mostly a stubborn refusal to quit.
It hasn’t always been easy just like anything else we do that’s worthwhile. The truth is that LOVE, the sappy stuff, only lasts for a little while. Then comes the responsibilities of meeting each other’s needs, the budgeting of finances, the sometimes outrageous expectations, the in-laws, the kids. Being married can become incredibly overwhelming. But if you persevere through the trials, the sappy love becomes a different kind of love. This love is the kind that says, “I made a promise to cherish and love until death do us part and that’s just what I’m gonna do even if you’re driving me crazy!” This kind of love is built over time and with lots of grace.
Another reason that we are still stuck with each other is that we have some great examples to follow. Both of our grandparents were married for over 60 years. His are still going strong, mine are deceased. My grandfather, Jack, died 6 months after my grandmother, Madeline. He just couldn’t live without his sweetie. My parents were married for 55 years before mom died from cancer. The greatest gift that you can give your kids is the constant knowledge that mom and dad are always going to love and cherish each other. When you fight and argue, do so in front of the kids and then resolve the issue also in front of the kids. The kids know when you’re fighting anyway and they need to see how to resolve disagreements. More about this topic later.
Greg and I were blessed to attend a church that required pre-marital counseling before we could be married by our pastor. We were actually told not to get married because we were too different. Since we refused to reconsider our sappy love, we were given in-depth tools to overcome our differences and struggles before we encountered them and boy, did we need them. If you are getting married soon, I strongly advise pre-marital counseling. Conquer your struggles before you encounter them and your marriage is much more likely to last a lifetime. offers a wonderful biblically based counseling online course called “Marriage 101” that is both affordable and convenient. Gary and Barb Rosberg offer professional counsel and tips to consider before saying the big “I Do”. The course has situational video clips that are humorous and entertaining and discussion outlines to make conversation simple. It is online streaming so couples who are in different locations can take the course together at any time convenient to them. View the following clip. (Insert Sample Video Clip here)
Grace Products is a certified provider for the Twogether In Texas program.  Twogether In Texas is a state sponsored program that registers qualified providers to help couples receive premarital counseling.  The State of Texas recognizes the benefit of premarital counseling and the costly effects of divorce.  When couples complete an assigned course, they are issued a certificate to present when they purchase their marriage license.  They receive a $60 discount on their marriage license and can bypass the 3 day waiting period.  Convenient, affordable, 24/7 access, and solid biblically based teaching for just $59.
The M101 Online Course is now an official Twogether In Texas course.
Here’s how it works:
Go to
Put the Online Course in your cart, hit checkout.
Fill out the registration page, enter the code 5ERL1 at the bottom.
Then just check out.  The online course is just $59, a savings of $36.
View the sessions, fill in the course assessment form, and email it to us.
We will verify completion and email back the  Twogether in Texas Certificate.
The $60 discount means you are actually getting the online course absolutely FREE!!
6.8 % of 1000 people get married each year.

3.4% of 1000 people get divorced each year.

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