Posted by: Alton Rocker | December 21, 2011

What is the purpose of Premarital Counseling?

What is the difference between Christian Premarital Counseling and secular Premarital Counseling?

While the two will cover similar topics, Christian Pre Marriage Counseling will also take into account God’s purpose and plan for marriage.

All good premarital counseling will cover the “big 5”:

–         Marital Expectations

–         Communication

–         Conflict Resolution

–         Finances

–         Sexual Intimacy

Truly, no marriage can expect to flourish if the man and woman don’t poses adequate tools for dealing with the day-to-day difficulties of marriage.  If you are seeking pre marriage counseling, make sure the curriculum covers these 5 topics…at a minimum!

If you identify yourself as ‘Christian’, as a majority of US couples do, you may be interested in the ‘big 5’ as well as what God’s Word says about marriage.

During your counseling time, you’ll probably hear things like, ‘One man. One woman. For Life’ and you may discuss the biblical concept of ‘leaving and cleaving’.  You may also be advised that sex and cohabitation before marriage is contrary to God’s ideal for your marriage.

All said, Christian Pre Marriage Counseling has been created in order to ‘line us up’ with the pattern God has established for the covenant relationship of marriage.  Marriage exposes sin in our lives.  It exposes our selfish nature.  It exposes our inability to truly fulfill our spouse.  But, most importantly, it exposes our need for mercy, grace, and forgiveness.  One of God’s purposes for marriage is to show us just how much we need Jesus.

If you’re in searching for quality, Christian Pre Marriage Counseling, check out for some great advice.


  1. This was a good word. Christian premarital counseling is so important to establish a solid biblical foundation for a marriage.

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