Posted by: Alton Rocker | October 5, 2011

Get Your Premarital Counseling Free!

That’s right!! FREE (after the discount)!!

Online Premarital Counseling with free digital workbooks!! Get the BEST in counseling and get all your money back!!

Couples without adequate access to quality, premarital counseling now have this fantastic resource at their fingertips along with the added benefits bestowed by the State of Texas to traditional premarital counseling.

We are very pleased to announce that Grace Products (Marriage 101, Letters from Dad, et al), is now a certified provider for the Twogether In Texas program.  Twogether In Texas is a state sponsored program that registers qualified providers to help couples receive premarital counseling.  The State of Texas recognizes the benefit of premarital counseling and the costly effects of divorce.  When couples complete an assigned course, they are issued a certificate to present when they purchase their marriage license.  They receive a $60 discount on their marriage license and can bypass the 3 day waiting period.  Convenient, affordable, 24/7 access, and solid biblically based teaching for just $59.

The M101 Online Course is now an official Twogether In Texas course.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Put the Online Course in your cart, hit checkout.
  3. Fill out the registration page, enter the code 5ERL1 at the bottom.
  4. Then just check out.  The online course is just $59, a savings of $36.
  5. View the sessions, fill in the course assessment form, and email it to us.
  6. We will verify completion and email back the  Twogether in Texas Certificate.
  7. The $60 discount means you are actually getting the online course absolutely FREE!!

The M101 Online Course also makes a great wedding gift.

Of course any organization that is a state certified provider can use the Marriage 101: Back to the Basics curriculum for the purpose of state certification as well.  FREE premarital counseling!

This is the first ever, certified, Online Premarital Counseling Course.

What do you think?  Are you ready to get the BEST in counseling at no cost?


  1. Having this online should be a great convenience for couples in Texas. With couples so busy these days with work and wedding plans they find it challenging to work in Premarital Counseling. With this seriea available online it will create a situation where they can to the coaching at their own pace and on their own schedule.

  2. Tax dollars put to Gods use of strenthening marriages and giving newlyweds a figthing chance… Just something that sounds good about that to me!

  3. We subsidize everything under the sun whether it works or not. This isn’t even subsidizing. It’s incentivizing. It’s like a tax break for being responsible. Divorce costs the nation socially and financially. People should be rewarded for seeking quality premarital counseling of their choosing. We love the fact that M101 is bible based so it is for the couples’ greater joy and for God’s glory!

  4. The cost of the course is $59, and you will get a $60 discount on your marriage license. So, in essence, the course is free. How much is good, solid, biblical, premarital counseling worth? We think it’s absolutely essential and the statistics agree. M101 Online is convenient, accessible 24/7, has respected teachers, and is complete with full color, editable workbooks. Not bad for something that can help you get a great start on your marriage. Most couples spend thousands on their wedding but only pennnies on preparation for the marriage relationship. It’s more than worth the small cost.

  5. Are you still certified for twogether in texas?

    • Yes, Marriage 101 Online is the only online premarital counseling course approved by The Twogether in Texas program.

  6. Very nice article. I definitely appreciate this website.
    Keep writing!

    • Thank you for your support. Nearly 250,000 couples have used our material over the years. We are the #1 resource for premarital and marital counseling and now it’s online, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

  7. I am interested in taking this course before my wedding, but want to know what is the average completion time?

    • Jasmine, thank you for your inquiry about Marriage 101 Online. There are eight sessions, each one about 23 minutes in length. With discussion time it will take about 35-40 minutes to do each one. You could easily do the course by completing a session a day. Some have completed it in one weekend. You can move at your own pace, it gives you a lot of flexibility. Workbooks are also online and are included with your purchase. They are digital, full color and fully editable. Call us anytime if you have further questions.

  8. the online course is no longer $60 it says that it is $95

    • Megan, thank you for your inquiry. The retail price for the Marriage 101 Online Course is $95 but there are coupon codes to receive the 40% discount so you can get it at just $59. You probably located us through our ads on WeddingWire, or Twogether in Texas. The code you can use is 5ERL1. Just go to the website, put the course in cart and go to checkout. You will enter the discount code on the registration page.

  9. If we take you online course is the certificate that we get good in any state? We are getting married in GA.

    • Tony, thank you for your inquiry. Yes, the Marriage 101 certificate meets all the requirements in the state of Georgia. Just note that you will be getting married in Georgia when you email us the assessment form. We have worked with hundreds of couples in Georgia and they have loved the Marriage 101 Online Course.

  10. HI! We are from Florida, but want to get married in Galveston, TX. Can we complete this course and qualify for the discount and waiving of the waiting period? Please advise. Thank you, in advance.

    • Jessica, Thank you for your inquiry concerning the Marriage 101 Online Course. Yes, you can complete the online course and qualify for the Twogether in Texas discount and you can also have the waiting period waived. Marriage 101 meets all the requirements for Texas and Florida.

  11. when completed how long does it take to get the certificate back for the $60 discount. wedding is in less than 3 weeks so trying to get everthing in place in such a short time. I feel like a headless chicken.

    • It usually only takes 24 hours to get that back to you. Just email the assessment to us, we will verify completion and email back the certificate. we know that weddings can be very hectic so we make it easy for you to get the best in counseling.

  12. We are looking to get married in North Carolina, will this package satisfy premarital counseling for North Carolina?

  13. Either pay you the $60 or pay it to the State of Texas. How is that free?

    • Jack, thanks for the feedback. Your comment is essentially true except for the fact that you not only get the best online premarital counseling in the country, and get the three day waiting period waived, and you can do all that from the convenience of your home. Marriage 101 has been voted the top program in the country four years in a row. I know most couples are very happy to pay to receive the great counseling instead of the paying the state. You would have to pay the cost one way or the other. You could say the state is paying you to get some fantastic counseling and give your relationship a great start.

  14. The Twogether in Texas workshops are completely free with the inconvenience of having to actually have the time to physically sit through the course, but non the less it is actually free. Which is convenient especially for people who want to marry in Texas but don’t have the extra $60. The course online should be completely free. Couples who dont have the time to physically sit through the course shouldn’t have to pay the $60 just to take it online. It should just be a feature ordered with the program.

    • Victoria,
      Thanks for the feedback. The Marriage 101 Online Course does not belong to Twogether in Texas, nor do they “own” any program used for premarital counseling. They simply provide a platform where approved courses can be offered. If someone chooses to invest in their marriage and takes one of the courses, the state will grant a $60 discount on their marriage license and waive the three day waiting period. The Marriage 101 Course is very convenient, accessible anywhere, and includes the workbooks. It costs $59 and you get $60 back as a discount, so essentially you make a dollar. Not bad, considering that Marriage 101 has been voted the top premarital counseling course in the country 4 years in a row.

  15. I see the last entry was May 2016. Are y’all still offering this online premarital counseling course? Is it still $59 (with the coupon code)? Who has voted Marriage 101 “the top premarital counseling course in the country?”

    • Yes, Marriage 101 Online is still going strong. It was voted the #1 online premarital course by four years in a row.

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